Aerospace Corp.
Branding, Corporate Designs, Illustrations, Infographics


Aersospace Corporation is one of the oldest engineering organizations in the aerospace industry. From having inventing the GPS in the 1960's to innovating new ways of tracking activities in space, they are and always have been on the forefront of space technology.

However, as the technology keeps increasing here on the ground, Aerospace's needs to keep in front of the age of the internet. Their recent marketing push has been to bring some contemporary looks to their "serious" persona. I was brought in as a contractor to do just that. Having found value in my wide range of skillsets and knowledge of design trends, I contributed to their marketing campaigns by incorporating modern design styles and practices into their marketing materials. From minimalized insignia concepts, engaging infographics, and colorful illustrations, I've helped them reach one step closer to being as recognized down here by earthlings as much as they have been recognized(potentially) by extraterrestrials out there.